Cherie's Little Cherubs Nursery

Cherie's Little Cherubs Nursery
Hi my name is Cherie Brown I'm from Napier
New Zealand, I have been reborning since 2007,
I have two grown Daughters, two Grand daughters, and a Grandson.
I love my work, and always researching to better my art of
reborning. I hope you enjoy my website, please email for any questions
or more infomation.
If I do not reply to your email within a few days, I may be having
touble with your email address.
You can also email me through my face bok page :)

It all started when I saw these amazing reborn babies on trade me, I just had to have one! I bought my first reborn in 2008 and just loved her, then I just couldn't help but buy more for my collection. Although I admired these talented reborn artists, I was sometimes a little disappointed in a few, as the lips were too red, or maybe the baby was a bit pale, so one day I decided to buy a dvd to just see how hard it was to make one myself.

Well I couldnt believe how much work went into making these beautiful babies, but decided I would have a try. After many mistakes, and more dvds etc I finally started making babies I was proud of ,and have never looked back.




I have also made a reborn doll for a movie in September 2013