Cherie's Little Cherubs Nursery

Cherie's Little Cherubs Nursery
Hi my name is Cherie Brown I'm from Napier
New Zealand, I have been reborning since 2007,
I have two grown Daughters, two Grand daughters, and a Grandson.
I love my work, and always researching to better my art of
reborning. I hope you enjoy my website, please email for any questions
or more infomation.
If I do not reply to your email within a few days, I may be having
touble with your email address.
You can also email me through my face bok page :)

The Reborning Process



Reborning started in the 1990's in which a shop bought doll was taken apart, stripped of the paint, hair etc and repainted to give the doll a lifelike look. Then kits became available to give reborners a blank mould to start painting without needing to strip the paint, which sculptors moulded out of clay!


Reborners now choose from either a kit, or shop bought doll, they then wash the kit to remove any residue from the factory, the parts are then left to dry before layers of paint are added.

Layers of flesh colour genesis heatset paints are first painted and baked for 8 minutes between layers, then different colour layers of paint, are added depending on the look the reborner wants. Veining is added, and mottling, using sponges etc, this is done by many layers, baking in between each layer, untill the desired look has been achieved .( Up to 15-20 layers)


Nails, and toenails are painted and white tipped, then glossed, lips are painted and also glossed, adding a moist look around the nose. The nose is either shaded in, or opened and backed with black felt for added realism.

The baby creases are painted into then baked, many other details are then added. After the baby is completed matt varnish is applied.


Eyes have to be placed and glued, magnetic dummys are also added

Hair is micro-rooted using a very fine needle putting one  to two hairs in at a time, using mohair for a lifelike look and feel, sometimes reborners also paint the hair on. Hair is glued inside so it can be dampened and styled. Eyelashes are hand-rooted using the same colour mohair, or bought eyelashes are normally used for open eyed babies.


The body is a cotton or seude body slip, which is filled with fibrefill and garnet granules which are poured into stocking then placed for weighting. The limbs are then filled with glass granules and fibrefill. The head is also weighted and filled, and made floppy, just like a real baby.




Oven, genesis heatset paints, beginners dvd, fibrefill, granules, thinners, mohair, rooting needle, glue, magnets,dummys, sponges, paint brushes, stockings, eyes, matt varnish, etc

Any questions please email me.


Cherie Brown.